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Portland United Towing is a Towing Referral Service located in Portland Oregon. We offer a variety of services through our network of Licensed Towing Companies in Portland including Lock out, Towing, Gas, and Tire Changing 7 days a week. We offer a fast and reliable service to anyone in our service area of 50 miles just give us a call at 503-935-7105 and get a hassle free quote on your towing needs. We have quotes that are super affordable that is the great thing about us when your stranded or broke down you don’t have to break your bank for a tow just give us a call and we’ll give you a price and dispatch a tow truck in our network to your location to rescue you.

We have been interested in the Portland Towing Industry for years so finally we decided that we wanted to create a network of towers to service all of Portland Oregon. Currently there are shady towing companies who are charging too much and taking advantage of people and since we don’t agree with their tactics we want to provide a service to actually help the people who are broke down or need a tow without charging to much. Some of the bigger towing companies have to many expenses and with rising cost of doing business they can’t provide an affordable service to their customers. That’s where we step in, since we don’t have our own tow trucks and we recruit smaller towing companies on each side of town we can provide an affordable service to you that beats our larger competitors prices.

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